As a UX Frontend Developer at Boston Scientific, my primary role was developing the internal design system known as Anatomy. My initial task was to create a documentation site for Anatomy. After some discovery into the best tech stack for this job, I settled on a React site, with data coming from Contentful, and hosted on Netlify.

  • React meant we could build our design system components in a reusable way using React components, with the goal being to ship them as an NPM package down the road.
  • Contentful allowed our designers to quickly and easily edit content on the site with no developer requirement.
  • Netlify gave us continuous integration and development.

Anatomy presented many learning opportunities to further my frontend development skills. We implemented JEST and Cypress for testing. This was my first exposure to writing tests on a production level. It was a fantastic learning opportunity and greatly enhanced our codebase and my code writing abilities.

I was also given multiple leadership responsibilities within Boston Scientific.

  • Acted as a mentor to newer developers as our team grew.
  • Paired with developers from other teams to assist in implementing Anatomy within the various sites under Boston Scientific's domain.
  • Gave code reviews and paired with developers on frontend work.
  • Contributed to the documentation around best practices in our code standards.
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Sass
  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • React
  • Contentful CMS